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Age of Ultron: Spoilers For May

Directed by Joss Whedon decided in the second half to beat Avengers is not some ordinary villain, and Marvel supervillain the world - Ultron. Judging from the photo above, Whedon decided that the old design better suited comic Ultron robot villain. In any case, it will be more recognizable, if open his mouth and from there begin to pour from her eyes as red pulsating energy.Altron grabbed Iron ManOkay, move on to possible spoilers Age of Ultron.
The first thing that says my source that Ultron will always improve. In the beginning it would not be very cool, but it will itself be improved and further developed throughout the film.
The second thing that is known, according to sources, the body will be covered Vibranium Ultron. This is a fictional Marvel metal world. It is made of Captain America's shield. This metal absorbs the kinetic energy and the cap easily beats them any punches. In other words it does not beat Ultron, metal will absorb all the insides and not hurt.
Altron, according to spoilers, will hunt for Vibranium to modify itself.
James Spader personally play at least one iteration of the evolution of Ultron. In other words, Ultron - is not just a helmet with chips, but something that lives in them and could in theory leave his mechanical body and move to another.
Tony Stark founded the tower Avengers, SHIELD when split. Tony Stark takes on the role of head of global security. The new headquarters of the Avengers are many new technologies and costumes.
Captain America in the Age of UltronTony Stark / Iron Man will create an army of iron men bezpilotnikov - drones. Of what he used in Iron Man 3. This step by the need to maintain peace.
The Avengers will not be underground. They are open to the world and tell everyone that will take care of the world to be safe.
In all suits Avengers will be their logo.Avengers Logo
The widow will walk with two canes / sticks / stacks.
We will finally Hawkeye costume in the comics - with long sleeves, and not as in the first part.
Hulk will now wear the "elastic pants", which increase and decrease with him, designed specifically for Bruce.
As for the new character Visions / Vizhena suit is classic - green / yellow colors.
As Altron, Vishnu will be collected up to 3 act of the film, and only then he will be "ready" to use.

***This new potential spoilers Avengers 2. Expect something tasty from Marvel on komikone this summer, where there is always a lot of special teasers.

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